About the Firm

A few words about wickwire holm…Extraordinary.  Leading lawyers dedicated to excellence, working for you.  Accessible.  The lawyer you want, anytime.  Flexible.  Our office, yours, the local coffee shop; iPhone, Skype, BBM; early morning, lunch, after hours; your time zone or ours – we’re here for you.  Reliable.  On time, on budget – exceeding your expectations.  Active.  Working together to improve our local communities.  Global.  Our legal networks protect your international interests.  Focused.  Our business?  Yours.

Our clients are involved in a range of economic activity including banking and finance, natural resources and energy, broadcast and media, property development, aquaculture, education, commercial real estate, agriculture, and insurance.

Our strength lies in rapid response to a constantly evolving and competitive business environment.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service through the latest technology and in partnership with our clients.