Canadian Condominium Institute (NS Chapter) Seminar

June 13, 2017

Mitch Eliasson participated as a panel speaker at the Canadian Condominium Institute (NS Chapter) seminar, Dealing with Difficult Owners, on June 13, 2017.

Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting 
June 7, 2017

Continuing a decade long tradition, on June 7, Noella Martin, Q.C. and Will Russell, spoke at the Annual General Meeting of the Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia (CCANS) at White Point Beach Resort. CCANS is an independent organization that represents over 50 long-term care facilities across Nova Scotia.

This year’s presentation covered a number of topics including dealing with unruly residents, accommodating employees with mental illness and learning disabilities, establishing essential service agreements, and preparing for the pending legalization of marijuana. A number of legal updates were also provided on key issues of particular interest to long-term care institutions.

To download a copy of the presentation, please click here

Wickwire Holm’s Long-Term Care Law Practice Group, the only such group in Nova Scotia, focuses on providing legal services for institutional clients such as nursing homes and residential care facilities.

Municipal Law - New High Water Mark for Expropriation Compensation in Nova Scotia
May 8, 2017

For the first time, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board has based expropriation compensation on the reasonable probability that a property will be rezoned and redeveloped for a different use in the future.

In Re Jovin Enterprises Ltd., 2017 NSUARB 64, the Municipality of the County of Antigonish expropriated 14 acres of waterfront property in the Municipality of the Town of Antigonish. Based on flood mapping adopted by the Town the property is located in the 1 in 20 year flood plain. The property is zoned “Conservation Zone”, which restricts development to agricultural and limited public uses.

The main issue before the Board was determining the “highest and best use” of the property. The Expropriation Act requires compensation to be based on market value considering the highest and best use of the land at the time it was expropriated.

The former property owner relied upon an expert appraiser who provided the opinion that the highest and best use was mid-density residential and that total compensation should be $339,000. In his opinion the land will likely be rezoned when new flood mapping is adopted. The Town recently updated (but did not yet adopt) its flood mapping. The updated mapping determined that the property is less of a flood risk because it is in the 1 in 100 year flood plain.

The County’s appraiser argued that the highest and best use was single family residential and that total compensation should be $24,500. The appraiser did not consider any expropriation principles in completing his report. As a result the Board gave it no weight.

The Board held that it is not limited to current zoning in determining market value. Determining the “highest and best use” includes an analysis of the property’s present potential. Potential future use cannot be speculative, a mere chance or an overly optimistic possibility. It must be reasonably probable.

The Board found that it is reasonably probable that the land will be rezoned and redeveloped as mid-density residential. This was based on evidence from the Town planner who testified that the Town and its Council were very interested in having the property developed in this manner. In addition, the Town’s Municipal Planning Strategy allows for rezoning to mid-density residential and the new flood plain mapping identified the property as being a low flood risk. The Board awarded total compensation of $309,000.

While the decision is significant it is also very fact specific. Although it is unlikely to result in the Board routinely making similar compensation awards in future cases, this decision does provide a good blueprint for the type of evidence needed to succeed in obtaining compensation based on future rezoning and redevelopment. Municipalities and other expropriating authorities should take note of this decision. It remains to be seen whether the County will appeal.

Thank you - Annual Charity Scotch Tasting Event
April 6, 2017

On April 6 we hosted our 6th annual charity Scotch Tasting.

The tasting was once again held in the historic North Magazine at the Halifax Citadel. Over sixty five guests were guided through four tastings by Paul Doucette, Bill Hughes and Neil Ferguson. This year’s offerings included an Old Pulteney, a Clynelish, a Bunnahabhain and the clear crowd favourite, a Bowmore 18.

Jennifer Gillis from Press Realty, the Propeller Brewing Company and TD Commercial Banking generously sponsored the evening. With the support of our sponsors and ticket sales, over $4,000 will be donated to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

Thank - you to everyone who came out to the event. We look forward to seeing everyone next year for another great evening!

6th Annual Scotch Tasting in Support of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
March 8, 2017

We are once again hosting an evening of fine whiskey and good company in support of a great cause!

Our 6th Annual Scotch Tasting is being held on April 6th, 2017 at the historic Halifax Citadel. This year, all proceeds from the event are going to support the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

Tickets are $70. If you have any questions about the event or to purchase tickets, please contact Will Russell at We look forward to seeing you there!

Municipal Law – Dealing with Voting Irregularities in a Municipal Election
February 23, 2017

Sometimes the ballot box does not conclusively determine the result of a municipal election. Allegations about irregularities at the polling station can threaten the legitimacy of an election and throw the results into dispute. Two decisions recently released by the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia address the issue of voting irregularities and contain important lessons for municipalities.

Continue to full article here.

Anthony Rosborough – Nova Scotia Artists’ Legal Information Society
November 5, 2016

On November 5, Anthony Rosborough spoke in conjunction with the Artists’ Legal Information Society (ALIS) at HAL-CON, Halifax’s annual fantasy and comic convention. ALIS is an independent, non-profit organization that provides free legal information and resources to artists and art organizations in Nova Scotia.

Anthony’s presentation was intended to assist the many artists, writers and creators that form the fantasy and comic community in Nova Scotia. The presentation began with a primer in copyright and intellectual property law, including fair dealing rights and other exceptions. Using cosplay and fan art as a case study, Anthony’s presentation analyzed the enumerated exceptions to copyright infringement under Canada’s copyright legislation.

Wickwire Holm’s Technology & Privacy group focuses on providing advice and representation to creators and business owners, who create, purchase and sell intangibles and utilize new and emerging technologies.

Mitch Eliasson – Board of Directors, CCI
October 2016

Mitch Eliasson was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute. The CCI is a national non-profit organization which deals with condominium issues affecting all participants in the condominium industry.

Mitch is replacing Greg Auld Q.C. on the Board of the CCI. Greg has been a member of the Board for many years, most recently serving as a member of the Education and Membership Committees.

An article by Will Russell on the condominium dispute process was featured in the CCI’s Fall newsletter. A copy of the article can be found here.

Wickwire Holm: proud to be associated with a Nova Scotia icon, Pictou Academy
June 28, 2016

Nova Scotia has an abundance of strong universities. It also has what is perhaps Canada’s most storied high school, Pictou Academy (or “P.A.”, as it’s known locally). P.A. turns 200 years old this year, and Wickwire Holm partner, Noella Martin, Q.C. (P.A., Class of 1981) has been part of the planning and will definitely be at the “PA200!” celebrations from July 3 to 7 in Pictou.

Founded by the Rev. Dr. Thomas McCulloch in 1816, PA has an unmatched list of graduates: bankers, doctors, lawyers, professors, university presidents, you name it. P.A. also has the Pictou Academy Educational Foundation, a unique organization that exists to provide support to P.A. and its students. The Foundation oversees an impressive list of scholarships and bursaries, and provides support in countless other ways to P.A. Noella is winding down a successful five-year term as President of the Foundation.

The Foundation has its own fascinating history. It was created in 1919 out of series of events that included what might be the first feminist movement in Nova Scotia. Author Paul Bennett has written on P.A. and the Foundation and his article (published here) captures part of that history. Wickwire Holm congratulates Noella on her successful work with the Foundation and extends best wishes for PA200!.

Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting
June 10, 2016

On June 10, Noella Martin, Q.C., and Will Russell spoke at the Annual General Meeting of the Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia (CCANS) at Pictou Lodge. CCANS is an independent organization that represents over 50 long term care agencies across Nova Scotia.

This year’s presentation covered a wide range of topics, while focusing primarily on emerging topics relevant to long-term care institutions such as the use of prescribed marijuana by residents and staff, transgender rights in the workplace and the recent developments surrounding the duty to accommodate, particularly with respect to family status.

Wickwire Holm’s Long-Term Care Law Practice Group, the only such group in Nova Scotia, focuses on providing legal services for institutional clients such as nursing homes or residential care facilities.

To view a copy of the presentation, please click here.

Labour Law Conference – Human Rights and Labour Law
May 31 and June 1, 2016

Noella Martin, Q.C.was a co-chair for the Lancaster Human Rights and Labour Law conference recently held in Halifax NS.

In addition to chairing a number of panels, Noella presented on recent developments in arbitral jurisprudence, particularly on developments involving family status as a prohibited ground of discrimination and privacy concerns in the workplace.

Will Russell also attended the conference.

5th Annual Charity Scotch Tasting
April 14, 2016

On April 14, 2016, Wickwire Holm hosted their 5th annual charity Scotch Tasting.

Held in the historic North Magazine at the Halifax Citadel, over fifty guests were guided through four tastings by local scotch expert Paul Doucette. This year’s offerings included an Oban, a Dalmore and the 2009 World Whiskey of the Year, the Ardbeg Uigeadail.

TD Commercial Banking and Jennifer Gillis from Press Realty generously sponsored the evening. With their support and ticket sales, over $2700 will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.

Thank-you to everyone who came out to the event - We hope to see everyone again next year for another great evening of scotch and good company!

Philip Chapman

November 30, 2015

Phil Chapman joined us at the beginning of November. A native of Newfoundland, Phil has practised here in Halifax for the past 26 years and has distinguished himself as a top flight litigator in Atlantic Canada.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Phil join our litigation practice—his vast experience, skill and leadership, particularly in insurance defence, add greatly to our depth and strength. Phil is a great all-round lawyer who brings his highly analytical problem solving skills to all areas of litigation. The loyalty of his long term clients is a true testament to solid track record as a results oriented problem solver.

We have had a very busy summer and fall at our shop—moving to new offices at 1801 Hollis, and Phil marks the third addition of highly respected legal talent to our team over the past two months. There is no such thing as standing still in this profession and we are constantly striving to improve the service we bring to our clients.

Auld Allen to merge with Wickwire Holm
July 14, 2015

We are delighted to announce that effective September 8, 2015, the professional and paralegal team at Auld Allen will join our ranks.

Auld Allen is a highly regarded firm which has served the needs of individuals and small to midsize businesses in Halifax for over 16 years.

Greg Auld was called to the Bar in NS in 1983 and has built a strong practice and brand over the past 32 years.

Mitch Eliasson was called to the Bar in AB in 2010 and the Bar in NS in 2011, and has been an integral part of Greg’s team since joining the firm.

Joining us along with Greg and Mitch will be their invaluable paralegal, Natasha Slaunwhite.

This is truly a win-win situation for our two firms, with our bench strength being significantly improved while providing Greg and Mitch the platform and multi-disciplined support to grow their already successful practices.

Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia (CCANS) Annual General Meeting

June 9, 2015

On June 9, 2015, Noella Martin, Q.C. and Will Russell spoke at the Annual General Meeting of the Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia (CCANS) at Liscombe Lodge. CCANS is an independent organization that represents over 50 long term care agencies across Nova Scotia.

The presentation covered a wide range of topics, from best practices to follow when dealing with resident debts and Powers of Attorney, to emerging topics relevant to long-term care institutions such as the role of public authorities, patient privacy and data retention legislation.

Wickwire Holm recently established a Long-Term Care Law Practice Group, which is currently the only such group in Nova Scotia.

Securing our Future

June 5, 2015

We are delighted to announce that upon their admission to the Bar on June 5th, Will Russell and Vanessa LeBlanc joined our firm. The talent and energy they bring to our team further secure a bright future for Wickwire Holm.

Vanessa is a graduate of Dalhousie University in the combined Law and Master of Public Administration. Her academic accolades include the Schulich Scholarship and the Clifford Rae Achievement Award.

Vanessa resides in Halifax with her fiancé, David, and their dog, Brady.

Will is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick Law School and served as the President of the Law Student Society in his final year. Will participated in both the Laskin & Jessup Moot competitions and served as a peer mentor and moot coach for first year law students.

Will resides in Halifax and enjoys playing and coaching rugby with the Halifax Tars.

We were privileged to have Vanessa and Will choose Wickwire Holm for their Articling Program, and we are particularly pleased to have them join us as associates in the practice of law.

Grievance Arbitration Advocacy

May 12, 2015

Noella Martin, a partner in our Labour and Employment Law Group, was one of three facilitators at a day-long workshop entitled, "Grievance Arbitration Advocacy: Winning strategies, practical tips, reducing costs, and more". The workshop was held on Tuesday, May 12 in Halifax as part of a conference on labour law and human rights coordinated by Lancaster House.

Noella Martin - CBA Milestone

April 23, 2015

On April 23, the CBA Nova Scotia Branch presented Noella Martin with a "25 year pin", for 25 years of membership in the CBA. Over that time, Noella has been a very strong supporter of the CBA. In the mid-1990s she was Vice-Chair and then Chair of the Young Lawyers Section; and in 2013 she organized the CBA Labour and Employment Law conference and was Vice-Chair of the Charities and Not-for-Profit Section.

Triple Play

March 21, 2015

With an optimistic nod to our future, we have added two new associates and one new partner to our team.
Click here to read more.

Presentation to Nova Scotia First Nations Bands

November 26, 2014

Noella Martin presented on Employment Law and Civil Litigation / Enforcement issues to the Nova Scotia First Nations Bands on Wednesday November 26th in Dartmouth Crossing at the Hampton Inn.

The presentation was well attended with every Band in Nova Scotia represented. The discussion was very engaging with insightful questions posed to Noella.

2014 Sport Nova Scotia Corporate Games

November 22, 2014

Team Wickwire Holm repeated its 3rd place finish in the 2014 Sport Nova Scotia Corporate Games on Saturday, November 22, 2014. A big thank you to our team members: Jennifer Forster, and her husband, Stephen Cameron, Dillon Trider, Kirk Emery, Jillian Callaghan, Vanessa LeBlanc and Will Russell. 

More importantly thank you to everyone who generously donated. The event raised a little over $30,000 in total in support of amateur sport in Nova Scotia.

CTLA Annual Conference

September 26, 2014

At the Canadian Transport Lawyers Association (CTLA) Annual Conference held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 26th, Will Russell presented his report, prepared for the Network of Expertise on Transportation in Arctic Waters (NEXTAW), titled Exploring Plausible Futures for Marine Transportation in the Canadian Arctic. The CTLA is comprised of some of North America's pre-eminent experts in transportation law, and the CTLA annual conference attracts lawyers from Canada, the United States and Mexico practicing in all aspects of transportation law.

Will’s previous involvement with the Arctic includes working as a Special Projects Intern with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (Halifax), where he completed a Master’s graduate project titled A Proposed Arctic Search and Rescue Strategy for Canada. During this time he was awarded a DFAIT Graduate Fellowship for Canada’s Arctic Foreign Policy (2011) for a paper which focused on how Canada’s shipping policy was shaping the future of marine activity in the Canadian Arctic. He also attended the Summer Academy program at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (IFLOS) in Hamburg, Germany in 2012.

Marc Dunning honoured by The Clean Foundation

June 19, 2014

The Clean Foundation (Clean Nova Scotia Foundation) recently honoured Marc Dunning for six years of service on the board of directors at the organization’s recognition dinner and Annual General Meeting. Marc has been a board member since 2008 and is a past Chair of the Board.

Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia AGM

June 6, 2014

Noella Martin, Q.C. will speak at the AGM of the Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia this Friday, June 6, 2014, in Cornwallis Park. The scope of legal issues in the continuing care sector have expanded in recent years and lawyers here at Wickwire Holm have been working with clients on all of these issues. Noella’s presentation will look at liability for breaches of privacy, review pending changes in the law on powers of attorney and outline how to respond to complaints from residents’ family members. Her presentation will also highlight areas of personal liability for board members.

Entertainment Law Conference Gold Level Sponsor

March 12, 2014

Wickwire Holm is pleased to announce it is a Gold level Sponsor for Nova Scotia’s first entertainment law conference: On the Edge of Now: Emerging Trends in Entertainment, Digital and IP Law taking place in Halifax on March 21-22.

Integridado Ante Todo

March 7, 2014

Welcome Jennifer and Scott

Absenteeism: What an Employer can do

March 5, 2014

Noella Martin will be speaking on “Absenteeism: What an Employer can do” at the Law Day Conference for the Human Resources Association of Nova Scotia on March 20, 2014.

Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation

March 4, 2014

How not to be a Spammer! Introducing Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Environment in the Courtroom

February 22, 2014

Sean Foreman spoke at the Canadian Institute of Resources Law Symposium on “Environment in the Courtroom” at the Shulich School of Law presenting the “corporate perspective” on the use of negotiated sentencing and creative sentencing for environmental offences.

CBA-NS Mid-Winter Conference

February 6-7, 2014

Marc Dunning presented a session on environmental due diligence and moderated a panel on Nova Scotia’s new Contaminated Sites Regulations and recent developments in environmental tort claims at the Canadian Bar Association-Nova Scotia branch Mid-Winter Conference in Halifax earlier this month. This annual conference is one of the region’s premier legal conferences attracting lawyers from across the province.

PEI Music Week & Artisans on Main

January 31, 2014

Daniel Pink was invited to spend Friday touring PEI and speaking to local artists. He started off by speaking with musicians about “Understanding the Fine Print” as part of PEI Music Week and then moved on to Montague to speak with the Artisans on Main about Copyright and Contracts. The talks were organized through Daniel’s work with Artist’s Legal Information Society ( and were both a big success.

Corporate International Magazine Global Awards

January, 2014

Wickwire Holm has been chosen as the Domestic Winner of the 2014 Corporate International Magazine Global Award for “Gaming Law- Law Firm of the Year in Canada”. It has also been chosen as the Editor’s Choice winner of the 2014 Corporate International Magazine Global Award as “Corporate Restructuring Law Firm of the Year in Canada”.

Sport Nova Scotia Corporate Games

November 23, 2013

On Saturday, November 23rd, Sport Nova Scotia launched their first ever Corporate Games at the Canada Games Centre.

Wickwire Holm has had a long-standing relationship with Sport Nova Scotia and was eager to participate in an event which helps the development of amateur sport in Nova Scotia.

Thanks to great team-work and fiery competitiveness Wickwire Holm finished the day with a hardfought 3rd place victory!

Our team was represented by Dan Pink, Alyssa MacDonald, Tiffany Laing, Dillon Trider, Selina Bath and Marc LeClair.

The event was a great success and it promises to get bigger and better and better in the years to come.

Labour Law Conference – Discrimination in the Workplace

October 29, 2013

Noella Martin spoke at the Lancaster Labour Law conference on discrimination in the workplace on the basis of family status.

3rd Annual Wickwire Holm Movember Scotch Tasting Event

October 22, 2013

Wickwire Holm invites you to join us at the 3rd Annual Wickwire Holm Scotch Tasting in Support of Movember Canada. The Press Gang's Whisky Sommelier Wally Fraser will lead the tasting with several exciting different Scotch Samples to try. There will also be hors d'oeuvres for those who get peckish throughout the evening.

Please join us in supporting this worthy cause. Order tickets via Eventbrite.

Contract Law for Artists

October 16, 2013

Daniel Pink gave a public talk to visual artists on Art Loan Agreements, Collaboration Agreements and the importance of having a written contract. Daniel was speaking on behalf of his not-for-profit society – Artist Legal Information Society and the talk was put on in conjunction with Visual Arts Nova Scotia.

Brighter Business – a Global Perspective on Energy Efficiency

October 15, 2013

Wickwire Holm was the keynote sponsor at the “Brighter Business – a Global Perspective on Energy Efficiency” conference in Halifax on October 15 and 16, 2013. The keynote address was a fantastic overview of the successes made in energy efficiency, coupled with insight and direction for further progress and was delivered by Kateri Callahan, the President of Alliance to Save Energy (US).

Wickwire Holm Top 5 in Atlantic Canada!

October, 2013

The 2013 results are in, and once again, the national survey conducted by Canadian Lawyer Magazine ranks Wickwire Holm among the top five firms in Atlantic Canada! Given our comparatively moderate size among the competition, we think this speaks volumes about the excellence of our people.

State Capital Group Annual Legal Meeting

September 30, 2013

Geoff Saunders and Carl Holm are attending the Annual Meeting of SCG Legal in San Francisco. SCG Legal is a Global Network of more than 150 law firms of which Wickwire Holm is a member. Through SCG Wickwire Holm is able to make the services of 11,000 lawyers from around the world available to its clients.

More Than 1/3 of the Firm’s Lawyers Identified in the 2014 Edition of Best Lawyers in Canada

September, 2013

Best Lawyers had identified more than 1/3 of the firm’s lawyers in the 2013 edition of Best Lawyers in Canada and has recently advised that again more than 1/3 of the firm’s lawyers will be identified in the 2014 edition of Best Lawyers in Canada.

Daniel Pink Nominated to Serve as Member of the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council

August 23, 2013

Daniel Pink was nominated to serve as a member of the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council. The Council advises the government on matters related to arts and culture such as the creation of policies and investment in artists and industries.

Risk Management Association Chapter Leadership Conference

June 20, 2013

Pamela Clarke is attending the Risk Management Association Chapter Leadership Conference in Scottsdale Arizona, June 20 and 21. Pamela takes over the President's position of the Risk Management Association (Atlantic) in September, 2013.

Workshop for Artists & Creative Service Providers

May 14, 2013

On May 14th Dan Pink presented at a workshop for artists and creative service providers. Dan’s presentation focused on both understanding contract terms in typical art business contracts as well as creating one’s own personalized, plain-English agreements.

A National Champion and All-Star

March 26, 2013

Congratulations to Wickwire Holm’s Wendy Currie who brought home the title as a member of the Senior Women’s Curling team representing Nova Scotia at Curling Nationals held in Summerside P.E.I. Additionally, Wendy was named to the Canadian All-Star team, and will be now advance to the World Curling Championships next year. Congratulations Wendy, job well done!

Wickwire Holm partner, Pamela Clarke, attends "Think Inspiration"
March 8, 2013

On March 8, Pamela Clarke attended the Farm Credit Canada Forum, “Think Inspiration”, in Moncton, New Brunswick, where she enjoyed (and was inspired by!) the presentations by General Rick Hillier, Amanda Lang and Martin Latulippe.

Our client, Century 21 Team One Realty Inc. among the top two nationally!
March 4, 2013

We would like to extend our congratulations to our client Patrick Johnston and his team at Century 21 Team One Realty Inc., of Dartmouth, on being recognized as the #2 Sales Team in all of Canada. This award was given at the Century 21 awards on March 4th, 2013. Patrick leads a team of dedicated and innovative entrepreneurs and we are pleased that they are recognized as leading their industry. Well done!

Wickwire Holm partner, Pamela Clarke, presents at CBA Mid-Winter Conference, “Til Debt Do Us Part”.
February 1, 2013

On February 1, Pamela Clarke, along with Rita Anderson of PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc., presented at the Canadian Bar Association Mid-Winter conference on the topic “Til Debt Do Us Part”, on the interplay between bankruptcy and family law.

Noella Martin appointed as Queen’s Counsel!
December 27, 2012

Congratulations to our partner, Noella Martin, who was one of only fourteen Nova Scotian lawyers to receive the prestigious Queen’s counsel appointment.  Acting Minister of Justice Maurice Smith announced the Q.C. appointments on December 27th.

Wickwire Holm hosts 2nd Annual Scotch Tasting in Support of Movember
November 21, 2012

On Wednesday November 21st, 2012, Wickwire Holm Hosted their second annual Scotch Tasting in Support of Movember at Kings Wharf.  Movember is a month long fundraiser to help raise money to support men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives.  The event featured local Scotch Sommelier Wally Fraser leading a group of 80 eager scotch drinkers through a tasting of delicious scotches from Speyside.  The event was a great success and we would like to thank everybody for coming out.

Kudos to Sean
November 20, 2012

‘Who'sWhoLegal’, an international publication of the American Bar Association, has included our partner, Sean Foreman, among the best practitioners in the area of environmental law.  Sean was one of only two lawyers in Atlantic Canada accorded this distinction.  Sean has served the Canadian Bar Association, both provincially and nationally in numerous roles including as provincial and national chair of the Environmental Energy and Resources Law Sections.

"Public Interventions and Illegal Art"
November 19, 2012

On Monday November 19th, 2012, Daniel Pink sat on a panel to discuss “Public Interventions and Illegal Art” as part of Visual Arts Nova Scotia’s fall lecture series. The Panel discussed the world of artwork placed without permission in the public realm.  Daniel was also featured on CBC’s Mainstreet to discuss some of these issues.

The Learning Curve
November 13, 2012

On November 13, 2012 members of the firm's corporate commercial department participated in the CBA Skilled Lawyers Series III Webinar - "Effective Use of Technology in Corporate Transactions".  The presenters reviewed current practice in the use of electronic deal rooms and other secure and efficient means of collaborating on transaction documents among the parties to a commercial deal.

Supporting our Community
November 10, 2012

The firm sponsored a table at the Great Big Dig charity for the IWK on Saturday, November 10.  This fabulous event was chaired by Cory Bell of J.W. Lindsay Construction Limited, and raised well over $200,000 for the IWK! Congratulations Cory!

Jim Boudreau joins the Board of Harbour City Homes
November 7, 2012

Our partner, Jim Boudreau, has recently joined the Board of Harbour City Homes, the City of Halifax Non-Profit Housing Society.  Harbour City has been operating for over 30 years, and currently owns and manages well over 200 residential rental units.  Its mandate is to provide safe, affordable living accommodations to those of low to moderate income.

Brian Hebert chairs APTLA Annual Conference
November 2, 2012

On November 2, 2012 Brian Hebert chaired "Litigation and the Art of Intelligence Gathering", the Atlantic Provinces Trial Lawyers Association's (APTLA) annual professional development conference.  In addition to acting as Conference Chair, Brian also presented a conference paper entitled "Private Sector Privacy Legislation and Litigation in Atlantic Canada".

Pamela Clarke attends CBA Law Firm Leadership Conference
October 28, 2012

On October 28-30, our Managing Partner, Pamela Clarke, attended the Canadian Bar Association Law Firm Leadership Conference in Calgary.  The Conference was attended by managing partners and practice group leaders from firms of all sizes across Canada.

“Building a Better Case”
October 16, 2012

Geoff Saunders and Jim Boudreau attended the annual Canadian Bar Association Construction Law Conference in St. John's Newfoundland a few weeks ago.  Conference attendees came from across the country and included a mix of lawyers in private practice who specialize in construction law, in-house counsel for regional, national and international construction companies and representatives from the insurance industry.  The two-day conference covered hot topics in this area of the law including new decisions involving the law of tendering and the judicial expansion of the coverage of Commercial General Liability insurance policies as they apply to construction projects.

Wickwire Holm co-sponsors the 8th annual CBA Pan-Canadian Insolvency and Restructuring Conference
October 12, 2012

Pamela Clarke co-chaired, and Wickwire Holm co- sponsored, the 8th annual Canadian Bar Association Pan-Canadian Insolvency and Restructuring Conference, held in Halifax on October 12, 2012.  Conference attendees and speakers came from across the country and included a mix of lawyers who specialize in insolvency law, judges, representatives of various lenders, and insolvency professionals.  The full-day conference focused on recent developments and current issues of interest in insolvency law and practice.  Key note speaker was Mark De Jonge, 2012 Olympic medallist.

Brian Hebert and Wickwire Holm golf to support L’Arche Halifax
October 11, 2012

One of our partners, Brian Hebert, is Chairman of the Board of Directors of L'Arche Halifax. L'Arche Halifax provides community living for people with intellectual disabilities. Wickwire Holm sponsored a hole and a golf team in the 4th Annual L'Arche Halifax Golf Tournament where $35,000 was raised. Congratulations to Brian, the golfers, sponsors and volunteers for taking time to support this wonderful organization! We would also like to thank Luca Ciampini, Matthew Boudreau and Stefano Fournier of the Halifax Mooseheads for playing on the Wickwire Holm team.

Noella Martin presents awards at Pictou Academy Graduation
October 10, 2012

We wish to recognize our partner, Noella Martin, for her ongoing contribution to the Pictou Academy Educational Foundation. The Foundation was established to support Pictou Academy (“PA”) and its students. Noella is President of the foundation and a proud member of the PA Class of ‘81. This past summer she was a guest at the 196th graduation of PA where she was honoured to announce and award a number of prizes. The guest speaker at the graduation was another proud PA alumnus, Dr. Jock Murray.

Wickwire Holm Scores High in The Lexpert® Law Student and Associate Recruitment Guide
October 1, 2012

Lexpert® is a widely trusted source for the latest news and information about law, and the profession. Each year, Lexpert surveys students, clerks and associates about their firms' hours, quality of work, pro bono, mentoring, culture and administration from 178 business-oriented law firms in Canada.

Have a look at the comprehensive survey results relating to our firm here: firmid1=188&firmid2=77&firmid3=489

We are so proud of the positive feedback in this year’s survey. We work very hard to ensure a positive and well-rounded work environment for everyone at Wickwire Holm, and see this survey as a testament to our success in this regard.

Interested associates and articled clerks, please contact Jim Boudreau, or email one of our clerks directly to learn about their experience.

Thank you to all our wonderful and hard-working students, clerks and associates – past and present.

Wickwire Holm welcomes another fresh perspective, Selina Bath, to the firm
September 10, 2012

Selina, a graduate of Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, was called to the bar in Nova Scotia in 2008, and has since gained extensive experience in insurance and personal injury law. She has represented clients in insurance matters at various levels of court including Small Claims Court, Supreme Court, and Court of Appeal in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. Selina’s professional affiliations include Canadian Defence Lawyers and Nova Scotia Insurance Women’s Association. Her primary areas of practice will include Advocacy and and Dispute Resolution. Welcome to the team, Selina!

Wickwire Holm helps to build a home – or two
September 7, 2012

On Friday, September 7, Daniel Pink, Jason May, and Sarah Shiels flexed their muscles and lent their home improvement skills (being what they were) to help with the construction of two homes in Spryfield, Nova Scotia. The team spent the day measuring, cutting, and hanging drywall under the watchful eyes of build site supervisors and volunteers. When it came time to pack up and head home (or back to the office), all were impressed by the impact that Habitat for Humanity has made on the local community. For information about the organization’s Nova Scotia chapter, visit:

James P. Boudreau steps down as the Chair of Sport Nova Scotia, joins Board of Nova Scotia Hall of Fame
July 24, 2012

James P. Boudreau has recently stepped down from an 8 year term on the Board of Sport Nova Scotia, the last four as the Chair and Past-Chair. During his term, James participated in the continual and innovative growth of Sport Nova Scotia. His personal commitment to an active lifestyle and appreciation for the countless benefits of participation in sport fueled his passion to facilitate the organization’s mission, and make recreational and competitive sport more accessible for Nova Scotians. He looks forward to a new position on the Board of the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame.

Brian Hebert is making a difference in the his profession and in his community
June 24, 2012

Brian Hebert has been incredibly busy lately—both in his professional capacity, and as a dedicated community member.

On June 9, 2012 Brian chaired the Annual General Meeting of the L’Arche Halifax Society, a charity providing homes for people with intellectual disabilities within a community setting, and has been re-elected as Chairman of the society. On Father’s Day, Brian and his family participated in Prostate Cancer Canada's Safeway Father's Day Walk/Run. The event raised over $56,000 for prostate cancer research.

On June 14 and 15, 2012 Brian attended ABORIGINAL PEOPLES AND NATURAL RESOURCES, a conference presented by the National Aboriginal Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Topics included resource sharing, consultation and treaty rights to mineral and other resources. While in Saskatoon, Brian attended the Annual Meeting of the CBA National Aboriginal Law Section on June 15, 2012, representing the Nova Scotia Branch Aboriginal Law Section. He was appointed to the committee organizing a proposal for the 2014 conference in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and is President of the Aboriginal Law Section of the Nova Scotia Branch of the CBA.

On June 22 and 23, 2012 Brian spoke at APTLA SAILING SCHOOL: NAVIGATING YOUR CASE WITH EXPERTS AND THE COURT, a conference presented by the Atlantic Provinces Trial Lawyers (“APTLA”) in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, on the effect of Canada Pension Plan benefits in the calculation of damages for personal injury.

Finally, Brian attended the Annual General Meeting of the Atlantic Provinces Trial Lawyers Association in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, on June 24, 2012. Brian sits as the Nova Scotia representative on the Board of Directors of the association and is currently the Chairman of the Education Committee which is responsible for organizing the association’s two annual conferences.

Carl Holm presents at the CAIRP Insolvency and Restructuring Forum

May 14, 2012

On May 14, Carl Holm found himself in good company as he participated on a panel with Justice Gerald Moir of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court and Daniel Rozon, Atlantic Canadian Director of Insolvency and Restructuring at Grant Thornton Inc. in Halifax. The esteemed panel discussed the topic of Pre-Pack Sales at the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP) Insolvency and Restructuring Forum.

Labour and Employment Law Group participate in CBA Conference

May 4, 2012

Wickwire Holm’s Labour and Employment Law Group was well-represented at the Canada Bar Association Labour and Employment Law Conference on May 4, 2012. Noella Martin organized the conference and chaired it through the day. Marc Dunning co-presented a session on Occupational Health and Safety matters, including administrative penalties and fines under the OH&S Act.

Wickwire Holm's insolvency lawyers attend the Atlantic Insolvency Forum

May 3, 2012

A group of Wickwire Holm's insolvency lawyers attended the Grant Thornton Atlantic Insolvency Forum, held in Halifax on May 3, 2012.  Brian MacLellan, Pamela Clarke, Carl Holm and Daniel Pink joined other leading insolvency professionals and financial advisors at the day-long conference, featuring The Honourable James Farley, QC, Frank Bennett, Sean Dunphy, and Paul Stehelin. Topics included the evolving roles of both legal counsel and insolvency practitioners such as trustees, receivers and monitors, as well as the evolution of judge-made rules in insolvency proceedings.

Dillon Trider presents on employment rights for new immigrants

May 2, 2012

On May 2, 2012, Dillon Trider provided a presentation on basic employment rights for new immigrants to Canada at Immigrant Settlement & Integration Services (ISIS). Between 30 and 40 participants and three interpreters attended the session and showed great interest in the subject matter. The lecture is part of a series of legal information workshops for immigrants which is put on by ISIS and the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia.

Environmental, Energy & Resources Law Conference

April 27, 2012

Sean Foreman and Marc Dunning attended the Canadian Bar Association's National Environmental, Energy & Resources Law Summit and National Section Executive business meetings in Vancouver from April 27-29. The theme of the conference was environmental issues in business transactions. The two day conference featured sessions delivered by leading environmental lawyers and industry professionals from across the country and internationally. Topics included liability and due diligence for contaminated property, identifying and managing risk related to cultural resources, wetlands and species at risk, alternate dispute resolution, insolvency issues in environmental law and the intersection of environmental law and constitutional law. Marc is the current chair of the Nova Scotia branch of the National Environmental, Energy & Resources Law Section. Sean is a past chair of the provincial and national sections.

Business Law Group to host booth at the 2012 Halifax Entrepreneurship Expo

April 16, 2012

The Wickwire Holm Business Law Group will host a booth at the 2012 Halifax Entrepreneurship Expo at the Cunard Centre in Halifax, on April 18, 2012. The Expo is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with the advisors, suppliers, resources and other important tools needed to start a successful business. The Expo is also an unique opportunity to meet and network with fellow entrepreneurs. Following the Expo, members of our Business Law Group will attend “Dine with a Dragon”, featuring a key note address from Dragon’s Den investor and entrepreneur, Robert Herjavec. The dinner will take place at the World Trade & Convention Centre.

Daniel Pink lends his time and expertise to a good cause and a great play!
March 12, 2012

Wickwire Holm is proud to congratulate one of our articled clerks Daniel Pink, who has volunteered his time as the producer of a local theatre event over the past several months. The Men Who Killed Me, was a critically acclaimed and highly successful original theatrical production, based on eye-witness testimonies exploring the trauma and history of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The play ran from March 12th to 14th at the Bus Stop Theatre and received rave reviews. Proceeds from the production were provided to the non-profit Stephen Lewis Foundation. Wickwire Holm was a proud Gold Sponsor of the production, and we extend our congratulations to Daniel and everyone who had a hand in putting this excellent event together.

Stephen Campbell presents on Real Estate Fundamentals for Legal Assistants

March 9, 2012

On March 9, 2012, one of our lawyers, Stephen M. Campbell, presented a Canadian Bar Association Webinar titled "Real Estate Fundamentals for Legal Assistants". Stephen covered various topics relevant to real property transactions, including HST impacts, deemed consolidations and dealing with distressed properties. By all accounts, Steve's presentation was both riveting and well- received.

Canadian Shopping Centre Law Conference

March 1, 2012

Two of our partners, Michael Kennedy and Pamela Clarke, attended the 2012 Canadian Shopping Centre Law Conference put on by the International Council of Shopping Centres, in Toronto, February 23 and 24. Michael was a workshop leader, on the topic, “Airtight Case – How not to Prejudice Your Claim”, while Pamela co-hosted a roundtable discussion on bankruptcy fundamentals.

Platinum Networking with Wickwire Holm

February 7, 2012

Wickwire Holm would like to thank our clients, guests and co-sponsors who participated in the Platinum Networking Event which was held on February 7, 2012, at Durty Nellies Irish Pub, in Halifax. Our guests and clients reported that the evening was very enjoyable and that they had a chance to meet and mingle with new contacts as well as further develop existing relationships. As a bonus, the voluntary door donation to Junior Achievement resulted in a few hundred dollars extra for that organization. Overall, the evening was a smashing success and Wickwire Holm looks forward to more similar events. Keep watch for future invitations from Wickwire Holm.

Best Lawyers in Canada ® 2012
September 23, 2011

The 2012 edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada® has been released and we are delighted to announce that six of our professionals have been recognized for their excellence in practice. Carl Holm, Q.C., Brian MacLellan, Q.C., Michael Kennedy, Geoffrey Saunders, Noella Martin and Pam Clarke have long been held in high regard by the clients they serve. They are now, deservedly, being recognized by their peers as among the best in Canada.

Best Lawyers is considered to be one of the leading directories in the legal profession. Lawyers are selected for inclusion based upon a rigorous national survey involving more than 373,000 detailed evaluations of lawyers by other lawyers.

That such a large percentage of our professionals is being recognized in this fashion is a testament to our ability to deliver legal services of the highest calibre across several practice areas.